When buying a gaming mouse for Mac, you need to be cautious. Problem? The problem is that you can’t see the box to tell if they are compatible with macOS. You can’t even plug them in to tell the difference. You can only test their compatibility if you get into their deeper features. We’ll show you how to get the best gaming mouse for Mac.

The basics don’t change for Mac or PC

Whether you are using Windows or macOS, your basic requirements for a gaming mouse will not change. The mouse should feel comfortable in your hand and have easy access buttons. You can also customize the mouse to be compatible with certain games and RGB lighting.

There aren’t many gaming mouse that work only with Macs, at least not yet. So functionally, assessing these features across both platforms is the same. A mouse with a great design has excellent functionality.

Gaming mice adhere to the basic five-button layout of gaming mice: left-click, right-click, clickable scroll wheel, and two side buttons. They may have additional buttons or options, but they are always present and in the same places.

What are the Benefits of a Mac-friendly Gaming Mouse?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your mouse will work with everything. Most gaming mice, worth their price tag, comes with matching configuration apps. These apps allow users to choose what each button does and adjust other settings.

These apps can be used to access many of the features available on a gaming mouse, even if you don’t use them often.

1. Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech’s G602 mouse is excellent for playing MMOs and FPS games. It can be used with all kinds of grips.
The G602 mouse is highly customizable and has many programmable buttons. This mouse is versatile and of high quality.

The wireless mouse uses disposable batteries and does not have a charging option.
This mouse-accompanying software is compatible with both macOS and Windows.


  • Office/Multimedia
  • Gaming ultra-light
  • Mixed-Use
  • Video Games (MMOs)
  • Travel
  • Video Games (FPS).

Gaming is accessible with the G602’s DPI range of 250 to 2500.
Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse has a lag-free wireless mode, performance, and resilience modes, optimizing battery life.

Logitech G602 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.8 and higher, Windows view, Windows 7/8, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
G602 long-life button has 11 programmable switches and a rating of up to 20,000,000 clicks.

Overall, the Logitech G602 wireless gaming mice offer excellent gaming performance and are a high-performance device with a few pitfalls.

2. Apple Magic Mouse

Apple magic mouse 2 works seamlessly with Macs and is the best wireless mouse to use with MacBook Pro.
Multi-touch surfaces allow you to swipe to scroll between pages, double-tap with one finger to zoom in during gaming, scroll through web pages, and double-tap with two fingers for mission control.

This functionality can be extended via a third-party better touch tool app.
The Apple Magic Mouse is a marvel of design and comes with a rechargeable battery.


  • 99g weight
  • Battery life of 2 months
  • OS X El Capitan & Bluetooth compatible
  • Odd port placement
  • Minimalist design
  • Palm gripping is not possible with a low profile
  • Gesture controls

3. SteelSeries Rival

The SteelSeries Rival 3 wired gaming mouse is an excellent choice for Macs or MacBook Pros. It’s comfortable to use and easy to hold by any size hand.
This gaming mouse is an excellent choice because of its precise sensor and ambidextrous design.

SteelSeries Rival 3 mouse is great for FPS, MMO, and ultra-light gaming. It has a lightweight, low click latency and excellent sensor performance.


  • The wired gaming mouse has almost zero lag, the lowest lift-off detection, and precise crosshair placement.
  • The buttons and weight balance can be customized for pro and pickiest gamers.
  • The mouse is light and straightforward, making it ideal for mixed-use.

4. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse Graphite

Logitech McMaster 3 is the most advanced wireless mouse in its master series, and it was designed for gamers.

Thanks to the electromagnetic scroll wheel and app-specific workflow customizations, you can create and make games faster with this mouse.
The crafted shape is perfect for your palm, making it more ergonomic and comfortable for long work sessions.

Bluetooth Mouse for Mac with Best Performance without Dongle
Logitech McMaster 3 Wireless Mouse is Bluetooth compatible, so USB dongles are unnecessary.

The mouse is well-built and professional-looking. It can also be used for non-competitive gaming.
It has two scroll wheels and gesture commands, so it’s not recommended for hardcore gamers.


  • Magnificent speed and mag speed scrolling at up to 90% faster – up 87% more precise, and extremely quiet
  • Multi-device and multi-os-connect three devices via Bluetooth or the USB receiver included on Linux, Windows, or Mac.
  • Comfort shape and intuitive controls
  • USB-C Rechargeable lasts up 70 days at full charge; a quick 1-minute charge lasts 3 hours.
  • Cross-computer flow control
  • Advanced options and customizations specific to your app.
  • It can be used on any surface, even with a darkfield 4000 DPI sensor.
  • The mouse’s colour is graphite, while its connectivity technology uses Bluetooth and a unifying dongle for Windows or Linux platforms.
  • If your computer has Bluetooth, you can use the mouse with no dongle.
  • USB dongle does not function as Bluetooth but is a unified technology.

5. Wireless Computer Mouse with Nano Receiver

The wireless mouse has a slim, contoured design and provides enhanced comfort for extended gaming.
You can enjoy cord-free convenience, a reliable connection with your Mac/Windows computer, and it is very affordable.

The wireless mouse is easy to set up for beginners or professionals.
The best three-button mouse for Mac, with 2.4 GHz wireless
The Nano receiver is connected wirelessly to the optical mouse via a three-button button.
It allows for easy scrolling, quick clicking, responsive tracking, and highlight text can be highlighted.

Wireless mice ensure gamers have a smooth, precise, and affordable wireless optical mouse with a Nano receiver that works on laptops, desktops, notebooks, pcs, and Macs.


  • 1-year limited warranty
  • The Nano receiver remains in the USB port of your PC.
  • Wireless optional 3-button wireless mouse with Nano receiver
  • Installation is simple
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 and Vista 7, XP Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8, Apple Os X, Mac OS X.

6. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Gaming Mouse provides gamers with hardcore priorities such as precision and accuracy and quick and easy access to controls for applying filters and cutting, effects, and other functions.

Razer’s Synapse app for macOS or Windows is now available. It allows you to customize the buttons on your mouse.


  • Excellent accuracy with accurate 16000 DPI 5G optical sensors.
  • You have many options to personalize button configurations.
  • Allows up to 19 buttons that can be fully programmed for additional commands.
  • To win, enhanced right-handed form factor.
  • Razer chroma offers 16.8 million colour options.

7. Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse 8 Programmable Buttons

Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse is simple with a quick response of 0.2ms and a 650IPS tracking speed. Other features include a Razer speed flex cable, eight programmable buttons, and a Razer speed flex cable.

The gaming mouse for Mac is very lightweight, which reduces hand and wrist fatigue while playing.
The mouse looks excellent in your gaming setup. It boasts the durability of 70 million clicks.


  • DPI: Up to 20,000
  • Razer speed flex cable
  • Razer focus + optical sensor
  • Razer optical mouse switches
  • Switches are 3x faster than traditional mechanical ones
  • Wireless performance with a drag-free cord
  • Eight buttons that can be programmed to remap macro functions

8. Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Mamba wireless gaming mice are designed to deliver long-lasting gameplay without restrictions. They combine a great ergonomic design for medium to large hands with flawless 5G advanced optical sensor technology and a rechargeable 50-hour battery.

This wireless mouse has gaming-grade features. It is designed to speed up and accurately and has less defined curves for wireless performance.
Razer Mamba wireless mice are top-of-the-line wireless gaming mice with 50 million clicks and adaptive frequencies technology (AFT). This allows you to enjoy stability as reliable as a wired connection.


  • 7 Programmable Buttons
  • High precision optical sensor with 16,000 DPI
  • Design that is more ergonomic and reduces fatigue
  • A battery that can last up to 50 hours and is multi-day.
  • Razer’s Mamba wireless mouse is a flawless wireless performer with stunning RGB lightning and comfortable textured handles.

9. Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse

If you are on a tight budget, the Logitech M510 wireless gaming mouse is the best for your Mac.

The Logitech wireless mouse M510 is small and comes in many colours to suit your gaming style.


  • Logitech Options Software allows you to program the side buttons of the mouse’s scroll wheel, which has an L/R tilt for horizontal scrolling.
  • This mouse is ideal for gamers of all hand sizes. The mouse can use one AA battery, which lasts for two years.
  • The Logitech M510 does not have Bluetooth. You can connect it to your MacBook using the included USB receiver.
  • Logitech 510 wireless gaming mouse is an excellent option if you’re looking for the best Mac gaming mouse without spending a fortune.
  • You can program the mouse to adjust the CPI, customize every button and click, and tilt the mouse wheel for your video games (FPS), ultralight Games, and Video Games (MMO).
  • The wireless mouse is simple and has a basic design. It can be used for both gaming and work.

10. Razer Atheris, Ambidextrous wireless mouse

Razer Atheris wireless mice are small and compact.


  • It can be used wirelessly through its USB wireless receiver or via Bluetooth.
  • Razer Atheris has a high CPI range and is very customizable. It is usually gaming-oriented.
  • Razer Atheris wireless gaming mouse is an excellent option if you’re looking for a portable mouse for your MacBook Pro.
  • The device’s overall performance for gaming is excellent, though its small size might make it difficult for gamers with larger hands.

11. Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse

The Logitech Pro wireless gaming mouse is a versatile wireless gaming mouse that works well on Macs.

It is impressive that you can easily customize the mouse with its app to mouse due to its wireless latency. It can be used with any hand size or grip, except for small hands that use the fingertip grip because they match your preferred movement style.


  • With its ambidextrous design, the mouse can be used by both right- and left-handed gamers.
  • Logitech G PRO is well-built, versatile, and well-suited for multitasking. It also offers excellent ergonomics for travel/office/multimedia use.
  • This mouse is great for video games such as FPS and MMO. It’s also very light.

12. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse is made to give beginners and hardcore gamers an unfair advantage in intense gaming.
Razer’s most advanced option sensor, Razer mechanical switches, and steller ergonomics are all included.

The 16,000 optical sensor allows for faster movement, allowing you to move your mouse more precisely at different angles.


  • Razer DeathAdder Elite is America’s #1-selling gaming mouse under $50
  • Mechanical switches that last
  • High precision optical sensor with 16,000 DPI.
  • For maximum accuracy, use a rubberized, ridged scroll wheel.
  • 7 Programmable buttons
  • Immersive, custom chroma RGB lighting

13. Apple Magic Mouse 2

This mouse is attractive and offers a lot of functionality and features.


  • It has a touch-sensitive surface on the top that makes it look sleek and packs a lot of performance into its minimalist design.
  • The Magic Mouse can connect wirelessly to your Mac via Bluetooth.
  • You can also recharge it using the included iPhone lighting cable.
  • The Magic Mouse 2 automatically connects to your MacMac and maintains a steady connection.
  • Unfortunately, Apple has placed the charging port at the bottom of the device, so you can’t leave it plugged in when you’re not using it. It doesn’t have to be charged very often.
  • Multi-touch surfaces are highly intuitive. Simple gestures can be used to scroll or swipe through pages. System Preferences allow you to adjust your touch settings. This includes right-clicks and additional gestures such as pinch-to-zoom. You don’t need to download any other software because Apple built the Magic Mouse.

14.  Logitech MX Ergo Plus

Trackballs are another popular cursor controller. They reverse the design so your thumb or finger can move the mouse ball while the unit remains stationary. Logitech was once well-known for its trackball mice, but they stopped making them for a while. The MX Ergo is a return to form and one of the best ergonomic pointing devices available.

Because your hand isn’t moving, there’s less chance of repetitive wrist or arm strain. The hinge can be adjusted to tilt the MX Ergo from 0 to 20 degrees. This allows you to choose the most comfortable position for you. This eliminates the need to twist your wrist. Logitech claims that this mouse reduces muscle strain by 20% compared to a standard mouse.


  • The MX Ergo is everything you would expect from Logitech pointing devices.
  •  You can customize a lot of buttons in Logitech’s Options software. It is possible to pair two devices via Bluetooth (or with the Logitech USB Unifying receiver).
  • You can also switch the MX Ergo to “precision mode” by pressing a button above the trackball. This allows you to navigate smaller screen areas with a significantly slower cursor.
  • This mouse is extremely ergonomic thanks to its fast-charging, rechargeable battery.
  • It can last up to four months without needing to be charged. Logitech’s MX Ergo pointing device could be the perfect solution for trackball enthusiasts who are still struggling to get used to trackpads and mice.

15. Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech is known for making reliable and durable products. Logitech’s G604 gaming mouse is one of many that are available. This is because it was designed to withstand the hardcore action gamers expect.


  • Logitech’s G hub software allows you to create custom profiles for specific games with 15 fully programmable controls, including six thumb buttons.
  • Despite its lackluster design, it’s simple enough to be used as a working mouse. You can play up to 240 hours with the included AA battery.
  • The USB receiver and Bluetooth allow you to connect to your Mac via Bluetooth or USB.
  • Bluetooth mode can give you up to 5.5 months of battery life for everyday use.
  • Logitech’s Hero 16k sensor is featured on the G604 for its performance.
  • You can set it to 100 or up to 16,000 CPI. Logitech thought about button placement.
  • All buttons are easily accessible. The 1,000Hz polling rate ensures that your Mac’sMac’s tracking information is updated every millisecond up to 1,000 times per second. There is virtually no noticeable lag.
  • This gaming mouse is among the most efficient and accurate in its price range.

16. Razer Naga Trilogy

A mouse used for filmmaking and graphic design should be precise and accurate.


  • Video editing mice should have easy access to the most frequently used controls for applying cuts and filters.
  • These priorities are shared by gamers who are hardcore gamers. It’s not surprising that the Razer Gaming Mouse–the Naga Trilogy–is a top pick for video editing and graphic design projects.
  • This mouse is designed for Windows users. However, Razer’s Synapse App (configuring Trinity Naga) can be used on macOS. With this app, you can customize the vast array of buttons on the mouse’s side, which works well on Mac.
  • You can trigger key sequences in Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, or Photoshop without typing anything. This dramatically speeds up your workflow, primarily if you work in these apps all day.
  • Synapse also allows you to create multiple profiles for the apps you use every day.
  • This lets you customize buttons in Premiere and Illustrator to do different actions, and you can switch between profiles when you are working in different modes. You might use one set for editing and assembly in Premiere but have other maps when you are creating effects. The mouse is capable of handling all these tasks and more.

17. Logitech MX Master 3

The MX Master 3’s MagSpeed Electromagnetic scrolling wheels can scroll through 1,000 lines per second with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Logitech claims that the scroll wheel is 87 percent more precise and 90 percent faster than regular Logitech mice. The mouse scrolls silently through thousands of lines without making any noise.
  • The MX Master 3 can be used to control up to three devices.
  • You can also switch between Windows PCs and Macs by connecting the USB receiver or Bluetooth.
  • You can customize each button to suit each application with the customizable mouse. Pre-defined customizations can optimize for many Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Word applications.
  • The MX Master 3 features a thumbwheel and a gesture button that you can press while moving the mouse for gesture commands.
  • Logitech Darkfield Tracking is available on the MX Master 3. This allows you to track almost any surface with 4,000 CPI accuracy. The CPI can be adjusted in increments from 50 to 200. This mouse is exact, even on glass.
  • The mouse can be charged up to 70 times and comes with a USB-C connector and a USB-C charging cable. The device can be charged in just 30 seconds, and then it will last for three hours.

18. SteelSeries Rival 650

SteelSeries Rival 650 mouse is perfect for gamers. The Rival650 features eight RGB zones that can be independently controlled, making it look more like a gaming mouse. SteelSeries Engine Software allows you to customize the lighting effects. The 32-bit ARM processor allows for saving CPI settings, button remappings, and lighting effects during tournaments and LAN events. This mouse is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality, customizable mouse.

Logitech M720 Triathlon wireless mouse is an excellent choice for those who need a simple, inexpensive wireless mouse for Mac. You can pair up to three devices with it and customize the mouse. You may prefer the Logitech G604, Razer Naga Trinity, or SteelSeries Rival650 if you require a precise mouse for gaming or video editing.


  • It’s suitable for graphic design and video editing.
  • The ergonomic design is a soft touch and offers 256 weight options. You can take sides off the mouse to make it lighter. You can add weights to make the mouse more comfortable.
  • SteelSeries Rival 650 supports fast charging. Just 15 minutes of charging will provide at least 10 hours of gameplay. You won’t run out of battery power during gameplay, as you can get at least 24 hours of continuous gaming on a single charge. It offers smooth, lag-free gaming at 1000Hz (1ms), with two sensors allowing greater precision.
  • The mouse has a primary TrueMove 3 Optical Gaming sensor and a secondary Depth Sensing Linear Optical Detection Sensor, which provides accurate 1 to 1 tracking accuracy with a CPI range between 100 and 12. 000.

What to look for in a gaming mouse for your Macbook Pro

Grip style and comfort: Are you left-handed or right-handed? What grip style do you prefer? A claw grip mouse, a palm grip, or a full grip? If you intend to use the mouse every eight hours, make sure it is comfortable.

Compatibility and connectivity: Most modern mice work with macOS. However, it is a good idea to check before making a decision. It is also essential to verify the mouse’s connectivity. Do you have a wired or wireless mouse? Is it wired or wireless? If so, can it be connected using Bluetooth, a USB receiver, or both? Is it possible to connect more than one device and switch between Windows and Mac devices?

Sensors and CPI: The sensor of a mouse acts like a camera, detecting light reflections and tracking movement. Higher-level sensors are more precise and accurate than lower-level sensors. This is why gaming mice often have unique sensor technology, such as the Hero 16K sensor found in the Logitech Gaming Mouse. The mouse’s sensitivity is measured in CPI (counts to the inch). This is how fast your cursor moves on the screen when your mouse is moved. A mouse with a CPI of 1000 will move 1,000 pixels per inch. This setting should not be the highest as it can cause excessive sensitiveness. Some people prefer a higher CPI to control slower applications that require precise precision. Manufacturers and the general public sometimes refer to CPI as DPI.

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