The Sony WHH900N are superior headphones that block out noise for most usage cases. They share the same design and appearance as the original Sony MDR100AAP (h.ear on); however, they’re more durable and comfortable. They’re well-balanced, have a clear sound in the bass, and are rich and clear with vocals and instruments. However, their noise isolation is relatively poor, making them unsuitable for louder environments. Also, they can take a considerable amount of time to complete a charge. This is disappointing. To know more read Sony WH-H900N Bluetooth Noise Canceling Review till the end

Above average for mixed-use. This Sony h.ear in 2 has excellent, well-balanced, balanced sound quality and decent construction quality. They’re also comfortable with their wireless capabilities and noise cancellation. They’re a good option for most situations. The problem is that their noise isolation is not excellent, even at the top setting. This means they’re not like other Sony models suitable for commutes like the WH-1000XM2.

PROS of Sony WH-H900N

  • Great audio reproduction.
  • Design that is comfortable and well-built.

CONS of Sony WHH900N

  • Mediocre-at-best noise cancelling.
  • Very long charging time.


The H900N from Sony is an improved wireless version that blocks out noise, similar to the MDR-100AAP. They share the same design. However, they appear and feel luxurious due to their more robust and thicker quality. They share identical oval ear cups, and the headband is nearly similar, except that they’re a bit denser and have a more sturdy feel. They are also available in various colors to complement your fashion or look. However, the brighter shades might not suit all. The black/grey matte finish appears good, but they aren’t as luxurious as the WH-100XM2 or other wireless over-ears, such as Beoplay H9. Beoplay H9.


  • Weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Clamping Force: 1 lb

The Sony h.ear on 2 is less uncomfortable than the first Sony h.ear on ( MDR-100AAP). They come with thicker pads and adequate-sized cups that don’t feel too snug on the head. They’re also reasonably light but significantly heavier than the MDR100AAP as they’re wireless and noise-cancelling headphones that require more power, electronics, and batteries. However, the ear cups aren’t as big as average as other over-ear headphones, which may not suit everyone. Additionally, the earcup pads are quite a rigid frame that should not be a problem for most listeners; however, it could be an issue for some when listening for more extended periods (once the pads become slightly more compact from being placed on the top of your head).


  • OS Compatibility: Not OS specific
  • User-Friendly: Good
  • Comment: Okay
  • Music Control and Call: Yes
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Mikrophone Control: No
  • Channel Mixing: No
  • Noise Cancelling Control: On/Off
  • Talk-Through: On/Off
  • Extra Controls: No

These headphones feature an excellent touch-sensitive control design like those of the WH-1000XM2. The volume can be controlled by moving upwards and downwards. Skipping tracks can be done by sliding left or right. For pausing and playing tracks, you only need to tap once. You have to tap twice on the touchscreen to take or end calls.

Additionally, they have a feature for noise cancellation that rotates through the noise cancelling/ambient modes. In addition, like the more expensive WH-1000XM2, it is possible to quickly activate the feature of being aware by placing the right ear cup in. It could be helpful in certain circumstances (like when you’re at an airport or riding the bus and having to listen to announcements without taking off the headset). The audio quality is satisfactory; however, you must rely on audio signals since it’s a touchscreen, which may not be the best option.


  • Avg.Temp.Difference 5.4 degC

As with most closed-back over-ear headphones, the Sony WHH900N will make your ears quite warm over an extended listening time. They’re not the ideal option for intense exercise, but they’re pretty average for headphones that have similar designs. They’ll be fine for the majority of listening sessions.


  • L 4.8″
  • 5″ 5.8″
  • H 3.2″
  • Volume 89 in3
  • Transmitter Required: No

The Sony WH-H900 are standard over-ears with a collapsible design, making them somewhat transportable. They’ll fit in smaller bags after being folded. However, like other over-ears, they’re bulky to carry around your body. They are also supplied with a poor bag that’s not ideal for carrying within your backpack.


  • Type: No case
  • L: N/A
  • WW:  N/A
  • H:  N/A
  • Volume: N/A

A soft fabric pouch accompanies the headphones to protect their headphones from scratches. However, it won’t save the headphones from falls that are complex and water-related damage.

 Build Quality

The built quality of the Sony WH-H900 feels more robust than the initial h.ear on. The design of the frame is similar but thicker and more comprehensive. This will can withstand pressure more effectively. The ear cups are denser, the hinges aren’t as loose, and they snap into place when unfolded and feel more sturdy. However, the design is primarily plastic, and even though the headband is reinforced with a steel frame, the plastic covering can break easily like Headbands from the Beats Solo3. Overall, they’re a decent choice for the majority of wireless headphones. However, they won’t be as sturdy or luxurious as headphones like the Beo Play H9, the Sony WH1000XM2, or WH1000XM3.


They’re moderately stable. They’re slightly more durable than the MDR-100AAP because they’re wireless, and no cable can get caught in your clothing or pull the headphones off your head while you’re running. Since they’re heavier, they will be a little more movable when you turn your head. They’re not headphones for sports and will fall off your ears when doing intense exercises in the gym.


Sound Profile

  • Bass Amount: 0.54 dB
  • The Treble: -1.56 DB

Frequency Response Consistency

  • Avg. Std. Deviation: 0.5 dB

The Sony WH900N has good frequency response consistency. The frequency response is highly constant across all five human subjects in the bass frequency range. This is likely caused by the active noise cancellation system in the H900N and is comparable to the bass consistency of QuietComfort 35 II and the WH-1000XM2. The most significant deviation under 10KHz is 7dB in the treble frequency range, which indicates that their treble output is sensitive to the position.

Bass Accuracy

  • Std. Err.: 2.76 dB
  • Low-Frequency Extension: 10 Hz
  • Low-Bass: 1.73 dB
  • Mid-Bass: 2.78 dB
  • High-Bass: 3.96 dB

The Sony H900N has an outstanding bass. LFE (low-frequency extension) is 10Hz, which is a great frequency. Low-bass is the source of the rumble and thumps often heard in bass-heavy music, and mid-bass is responsible for punch. High bass, accountable for providing warmth, is located within 1.5at of the neutral goal. The bass of the Sony is well-balanced, deep, and punchy without sounding muddy or loud.

Mid Accuracy

  • Std. Err.: 2.11 dB
  • Low-Mid: 1.11 dB
  • Mid-Mid: 0.47 dB
  • High-Mid: 3.04 dB

Its mid-range response of the WH900N is exceptional. The sound quality throughout is consistent, flat, and close to 1.5dB from our neutral goal. This produces a well-balanced mid-range and a clear rendition of vocals and lead instruments.

 Treble Accuracy

  • Std. Err.: 3.14 dB
  • Low-Treble: 2.23 dB
  • Mid-Treble: 0.34 dB
  • High-Treble: -7.12 DB

The treble-range performances of Sony’s WHH900N are fantastic. And The response is uneven. Still, it is well-balanced across the spectrum. And Mid- and low-trebles remain close to 1.5dB from our neutral goal, which indicates a balanced reproduction of lead instruments, vocals, and the cymbals.


  • Peaks: 1.54 dB
  • Dips: 0.95 dB


  • The Weighted Group Delay: 0.16
  • Weighted Amplitude Incompatibility: 1.05
  • Weighted Frequency Mismatch: 1.62
  • Weighted Phase Mismatch: 5.4

The imaging performance is fantastic. The weighted group delay is 0.16, which is extremely impressive. Its GD graph also illustrates that the group delay response is nearly lower than the threshold for audibility, which results in a crisp bass and precise Treble reproduction. In addition, the L/R driver of the unit we tested was highly well-matched in both frequency and amplitude. Phase response. This is essential for the exact placement and location of objects (voices, instruments, music, or video game elements) within the stereo field.

Passive Soundstage

  • PRTF Accuracy (Std. Dev.): 5.07 dB
  • PDF size (Avg.): 6.62 dB
  • PRTF Distance: 11.68 dB
  • Openness: 3.6
  • Acoustic Space Excitation: 3.3

The soundstage quality is not excellent. The PRTF graph displays a decent amount of ear activation and interaction. However, it’s not as precise, and there’s no good 10KHz notch. This, along with the closed-back design of these headphones, results in a soundstage thought to be in the head of the user.

Virtual Soundstage

  • Head Modeling: No
  • Speaker Modeling: On/Off
  • The ambience in the Room: Presets
  • Head Tracking: No
  • Virtual Surround: Yes

Weighted Harmonic Distortion

  • WHD @ 90: 0.305
  • HHD at 100: 0.219

Testing Settings

  • Firmware: Unknown
  • Power: On
  • Connection: Unknown
  • Codec: aptX, 16-bit, 48kHz
  • EQ: Off
  • ANC: On
  • Tip/Pad:  In default
  • Microphone: Integral

Noise isolation

Isolation Audio

  • Total Attenuation: -16.78 DB
  • Bass: -8.52 DB
  • Mid: -11.14 DB
  • Treble: -30.65 DB

The active noise cancelling capability of the Sony WH-H900N is less than average. In the bass region where the rumble from bus and aeroplane engines is located, it achieved around 9dB of isolation. This is close to the average. In the mid-range range, crucial to blocking speech, they could isolate 11dB, which is acceptable. In the treble spectrum filled with loud sounds such as S and Ts, the headphones can block out more than 30dB. This is a good result. If you’re looking for an over-ear pair with better ANC, look at Razer Opus Wireless. Razer Opus Wireless.


Leakage Audio

  • Total leakage at 1ft: 38.88 dB

Its leakage efficiency is good. A significant amount of leakage occurs between 1KHz and 3KHz. This is a very narrow area. The total volume of leakage isn’t too loud either. When the music is at 100dB SPL, the sound at a distance of 1-foot averages at 39dB SPL, and it peaks at 57dB SPL. This is slightly higher than the noise flooring of the majority of offices.

  • Microphone: Mikrophone style
  • Integrated: Yes
  • Inline: No
  • Boom: No
  • Detachable Boom: No

Recording Quality

Audio Recorded Speech

  • LFE: 243.22 Hz
  • FR Std. Dev.: 3.27 dB
  • HFE: 2,915.3 Hz
  • Weighted THD: 4.186
  • Gain: 43.37 dB

The recording quality from the integrated microphone is not as good as average. Its LFE (low-frequency extension) of 243Hz implies that the speech recorded or transmitted with this microphone will sound thin. Its high frequency (high-frequency extension) of 2.9KHz produces the speech to be noticeable soft and lacking in clarity. However, speech should be understandable decent because speech comprehension is mainly dependent on the frequency range 500Hz-4KHz.

Noise Handling

SNR: 15.08 dB

The microphone integrated into the WH-H900N performs poorly in noise management. It has a ratio of speech to the noise of 15dB during the SNR test. This means that it is most suitable for quiet environments because it cannot completely isolate speech from background noise, even in moderately loud situations.


  • The Type of Battery: Rechargeable
  • Live Battery : 27 hours
  • Additional Costs: 0.0
  • All Batbatteryfe: 27 hours
  • charge Time: 5.5 hours
  • Power-Saving feature: Standby mode
  • Audio while Charging: No
  • Passive Playback: Yes
  • Charge Port: micro-USB

The Sony H900N has a good battery life that can easily last one day. However, they take a long time to charge, taking nearly six hours to complete a charge. However, you can use a quick charge feature that gives around one hour of playback after a 10-minute charge.

If you are on standby when the battery is on standby, it remains fully charged for around 2 batteries with noise cancelling off and about 48 hours with noise cancellation switched on.

They can playback passively, which means they can be used even if the battery is charged, but only when wired.

App battery

The App’s Name Sony Headphones Connect

  • iOS: Oui
  • Android: Yes
  • for macOS: No
  • Windows: Do not
  • Equalizer: Graphics + Presets
  • ANC Control: Adjustable
  • The Mic: No
  • Room Effects: Yes
  • Playback Control: Yes
  • Button Mapping: No
  • Surround Support: Yes

The Sony WH-H900N is compatible with the Sony | Headphones Connect app, available on iOS and Android. The app is well-designed and easy to use, offering many features. You can manage the equalizer via built-in presets or individual parameters in the app. According to your references, room effects can be added or modified to alter the soundstage. The noise cancellation feature is also adjustable; however, there isn’t a button mapping feature or automatic timer/standby settings.


  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Multi-Device Pairing: No
  • NFC Pairing: Yes
  • Line of Sight Range: 150 feet
  • PC Latency (SBC): 213 Ms
  • PC Latency (aptX): The 185 milliseconds
  • PC Latency (aptX HD): 192 Ms
  • PC Latency (aptX-LL): N/A
  • iOS Latency: 233 milliseconds
  • Google Latency: 80 Ms

The H900N from Sony is simple to pair due to NFC compatibility. However, they cannot switch between different devices and must be fixed each time. The pairing process with non-NFC devices such as PCs is accomplished by pressing and pressing the power button.

They’re non-directly capable of using PS4 and Xbox One via Bluetooth.

The Sony WHH900N has the highest latency and is unsuitable for watching TV or movie shows. They also allow aptX HD to provide higher quality wireless playback. However, the latency is much higher than the standard Bluetooth playback. You might want to consider the latest Sony WH-H910N/h.ear for 3 Wireless for the same pair of headphones with lower latency for iOS devices. However, be aware that they’re not compatible with either aptX or codecs that support aptX HD.

Non-Bluetooth wireless

The Line That’s Not The Line That Is Not Sight The Range: N/A

Non-BT Latency: N/A


  • Analog Audio: Yes
  • USB Audio: No
  • Detachable: Yes
  • Length: 4.2 Ft
  • Connection: 1/8″ TRS
  • Analog/USB Audio Latency: 0 . ms

The Sony WH-H900N comes with a 1/8″ TRS cable, which gives the option of a second connection in place of Bluetooth. There is no inline remote, and audio can’t be transferred via this USB charger cable. The wires can be connected to gaming consoles via the controller’s connection when wired.

Compatibility with PS4 / PC

Analog: Audio Only

Wired USB: No

PC/PS4 non-BT Wireless: No

Xbox One Compatibility

Analog: Audio Only

Wired USB: No

Non-BT Wireless: No


  • Type: No Base or Dock
  • USB Input: No
  • Line In: No
  • Line Out: No
  • Optic Input: No
  • RCA Input: No
  • Dock Charging: No
  • Power Supply: No Base/Dock

The headphones don’t include a base as well as a docking station. If you want a multi-functional headset that can be wired to an earpiece, look into this model: SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless.

With a fantastic active noise canceling and responsive gesture control and a long-lasting battery, The Sony H900N h.ear with 2 features a top-quality wireless over-ear headphone. Staging and sound isolation are rich, and the audio clarity throughout the entire range is clear. The simple controls and an ambient mode guarantee this to be a success. If the top-of-the-line Sony 1000XM3 is not enough to carry around, it’s hard to imagine what you’ll be missing at a more attractive price.

Sony Hear 2 Unboxing

In the box that contains Hear On 2 (c) One Tech Traveller Purchase Sony Hear On 2

It comes with a big package for the Sony H900N WH h.ear on 2 that comes with the sleeve tucked inside a card that opens like the pages of a book. The first item you’ll see is a headphone folded in half with a few other accessories beneath. Since I have the moonlit blue color and moonlit blue headphones, you’ll find an aa3.5mm wired cable that’s the same hue, micro USB cables, a drawstring pouch, and instructions. I love the uniformity of the shades (well, aside from those that use the USB), and since this is part of h.ear with two different ranges that come with it, you can also choose another vibrant color like twilight pale gold, horizon-green and greyish black.

The WH-H900N h.ear in 2 different features

Foldable designs that have the cans folding backward (c) One Tech Traveller | Purchase Sony Hear on 2

What exactly does Sony’s $249/PS230 pair of headphones provide? They’re positioned behind the 1000XM3 flagship model, which is $100/PS100 more expensive. You’ll find most of what’s in the 1000XM3 WH-H900N, but with a few crucial distinctions.

The battery life can last up to 34 hours, with up to 200 hours of standby time with the noise cancellation off and six minutes to charge fully via micro USB. It can last for 28 hours and then 48 hours when you turn the noise cancellation off. You’ll find NFC to facilitate quick Bluetooth pairing and responsive gesture control, and ambient mode controls. The Sony WH-H900N has a beautiful design, with sharp edges adorned with gentle curves that reflect illumination. They create a beautiful shimmering halo.

Earpads provide supple comfort with a thickness of 2cm, with a sealed 40-millimetre driver. The buttons are located on the left, which houses the MicroUSB port, NC/ambient power buttons, and a 3.5mm connector for wired usage. The right side is home to all gesture controls, including control of volume, track selection play/pause, and rapid attention movement.

Gesture Control and Touch Response

Intuitive Gesture Controls allow for playback and controls to be effortless (c) One Tech Traveler Purchase Sony Hear on 2

It can be challenging to use one of the two buttons, so I’m happy that Sony has added nifty gesture controls for volume and track. The swipes control up and down the book while moving forward and reverse control the prior and subsequent song. Double tap for pause or play. The movement is smooth and fluid every time, and one can recognize the stroke as neither short nor too long. It’s perfectly weighted and equates strokes according to the proper commands, even if they’re not distinctly swiped.

It’s possible to swipe through the data relatively quickly and then pick up in addition to what you’d typically do. There’s also an instant attention moe by placing your hand on the right side of your part of the earpiece. Instead of removing them, you can converse with people for as long as possible since it allows the noise around you to hear the person in front of you. You don’t know how many times I’ve used this, and it has saved me the trouble of taking them off and putting them back on. It’s comfortable and effortless, eliminating the inconvenience of over-ear headphones since it makes work commutes, traveling, or even commuting much more pleasant.

Over-Ear Endurance

When the battery’s run out, connect the headphones cord (c) battery’sTraveller | Purchase Sony Hear on 2

With a long-lasting battery to enjoy your favorite tunes, There’s no reason to worry about having headphones that do not feel comfy. The Sony WH-H900N does not fall into that category because they’re all-day comfort. The earpads made of leatherette are comfortable and secure, while the headband can be extended considerably for all types of heads. I’m petite; however, I feel that the shortest length is slightly short for the best grip, but it’s still comfortable. This should reduce the pressure on your sides and earpads of your ears.

The earpads can turn slightly, and the headband can be very elastic – one can extend it extremely large, which means it has the least risk of breaking. It’s a heart-stopping moment if you’ve ever tried it with headphones that do not work but that your heart won’t be pounding when you wear.

Elegant wireless headphones that combine quality and style (c) One Tech Traveler | Purchase Sony Hear on 2

At 229g, it’s higher than the 1000XM3 from Sony, yet you won’t notice the difference. The larger band spreads the weight more evenly and is lightweight on my head. I didn’t experience any neck pain or earache after prolonged usage.

It’s also typical for sweat and heat to accumulate inside and around the ears for an extended period. This isn’t an exception. I’ll admit that I sweat more than most, and taking off the Sony WH-H900N leaves my ears a little warm (not warm) and sweat buildup. This is especially evident in hot, humid conditions. In colder temperatures conditions, there is no problem.

Flagship Wireless and Wired Performance

The sound wireless is an audio delight. Thanks to the enclosure for your ears and powerful drivers, it’s an excellent sound quality from the box and sound staging. The feeling of distance and space is clear, giving an extra dimension and depth to the sound. Its dynamic spectrum is fantastic and produces crisp trebles for the deep vocals. The mids are well enhanced, giving the sound of a fuller reproducing bass while not too dominating.

Reproduction of Audio Reproduction in Reality

Fast Attention at the Cover the palm (c) One Tech Traveller Purchase Sony Hear on 2

Here, I’m not being completely technical (there’s plenty of information online about the information you need). Instead, I concentrated on my thoughts on the quality across a handful of Blacks. To get the wealthiest vocals and instrumental songs, I listened to “The Essential Michael Jackson’ Hi-Res FLAC album using the Sony NW-A45. The lyrics in ‘Man In The Mirror’ sound crisp and convey that the singer frequently hits sharp streaky pitches, which are delightful. As I was listening to ‘Smooth Criminal, ‘ I appreciated the individual hits of drums and cymbals and his powerful, gritty, and piercing singing in this track. The difference is impressive and entertaining. It’s easy to feel the vibrato in the voice, and later it swells up for an electronic guitar melody. You don’t just feel the squeak of the strings; you can feel it.

It’s incredibly immersive in wireless mode and slightly more refined when wired, yet it’s still hardly noticeable for the average user. The heartbeats in the beginning? Amazing. The way the sound is processed for bass is fantastic and makes it feel like the headphones are moving to create that beat motion, even though it’s not. Crazy.

As I moved to tracks with more bass, I went to the Bruno Mars 24K Magic album and then defaulted to ‘That’s what I Like.’ The bass lovers will appreciate this Sony WH-H900N. While it’s not part of the Extra Bass line from Sony, they deliver a punchy and subtle sounding reverberation on the low end of the spectrum. It showcases the bass range well and can move away to the sidelines. That was evident in the energized track by Ne-Yo’s ‘Push Back,’ which has a raw bass, and then dialing back to the way ‘Pour Me to the Top.’

Sitting Side-by-Side

Excellent noise cancellation, that’s not more than the 1000MX3. (c) One Tech Traveller Purchase Sony Hear on 2

With the Sony H900N WH-H900N, you’ll receive a great headset that provides excellent audio dynamics and sound quality, and clarity, all with long batteries that last for a long time.

Although it isn’t able to enjoy some of the exclusive features of the 1000XM3, like customized and atmospheric noise cancellation, a longer battery life, speedier USB C charging, and excellent quality noise canceling, it might not want to pay more than $349 or PS330 to get the best. With the cheaper cost and performance comparable to it and being an excellent alternative to the Bose Quiet Comfort 35, these elegant headphones are excellent noise cancellation and sound quality for the price.

fForthe cost it’s a bit pricey. I’d wanted a hardshell case and USB C charging with the Sony H900N, not made only for the flagship model when it’s an everyday standard. And… with earpads that can twist and lie flat on the floor to provide practicality.

Fantastic noise cancellation that costs more than the 1000MX3. (c) One Tech Traveller Purchase Sony Hear on 2

With the Sony H900N, you’ll receive a great set of headphones that provide outstanding audio dynamics and sound quality, and clarity, all with long battery life. Controls for the touch are effortless to use, and its ambient modes are by far the best combination of features I’ve ever seen, together with the 1000XM3.

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